About Us

Focused on Bio-Individuality

Our philosophy is based on an integrative approach to health and nutrition. We focus on bio-individuality and collaborate with each client to meet their unique personalized goals. We develop a relationship built on trust with every client to enhance their overall health and optimal wellness.

Oriana LaFlamme

Our Story

Oriana Laflamme’s passion for nutrition and health stemmed from learning to develop her own positive relationship with food. Her personal journey taught her that every individual deserves wholesome nutrition, and each person is unique in their personal health goals.

Oriana works with individuals and groups to transform their relationship with food so they can go on to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Her lighthearted way both engage and motivate her clients through various services, including personal coaching, experiential outings, inspirational talks, and workshops.

Oriana is a Carolyn Costin Institute Eating Disorder Coach.  She is a peer support group leader with ANAD, a volunteer with The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).  She works on Legislative Advocacy with EDC, promotes eating disorder Fundraising Events, Helpline support and is certified in delivering “The Body Project” and early intervention programs.

Oriana is part of the Investigative Research Board and works on eating disorders research projects with Yale University and Oxford.