Body Project Workshop New Canaan PS

The Body Project is a group-based intervention that provides a forum for high school girls and college aged women to confront unrealistic appearance ideals and develop healthy body image and self-esteem. It has repeatedly been shown to effectively reduce body dissatisfaction, negative mood, unhealthy dieting and disordered eating.

Eating Disorders Coalition Advocacy Day

The EDC brings advocates together once a year for national Advocacy Days to educate Members of Congress and push for important policy goals.  Please join us on Capitol Hill (this year virtually!), where you can influence federal policy and make a difference in the lives of those affected by eating disorders! Don't worry if it…

NEDA Fairfield County Walk

Comstock Community Center 180 School Road, Wilton, United States

Through NEDA Walks, we are raising critical funds, restoring hope, and changing the conversation surrounding eating disorders. Your fundraising efforts are putting vital resources into the hands of those in need, and catalyzing prevention, cures, and access to quality care. With every dollar raised, we are one step closer to our shared vision of a world…

The First 50

sacred heart university

From the dining room to the dining hall...... An interactive discussion with incoming Freshman at Sacred Heart University about balanced health and exercise as they transition from home life to dorm living and dining hall eating.

Greenwich High School Fair

Greenwich High School

Eating Disorder Resources for GHS students and presentation  

Sacred Heart University

sacred heart university

Stop by our resource table for information and resources related to body image, eating disorders and so much more.

Reshaping Reality

Join the Reshaping Reality Club as we go through 3 sessions with middle school age kids discussing body acceptance, self esteem and eating disorders.  Many activities, interactive discussions to create a positive space of learning and raising awareness for change.  This event will be hosted by the Wilton Public Library.  

Middle Schooler in the Mirror Workshop

Wilton Library Wilton, CT

Early intervention is key in supporting our middle schoolers by building self-esteem, embracing body neutrality, and awareness around disordered eating and eating disorders.  This interactive workshop builds on the impact of social media and other potential influencers that can contribute towards false beliefs about body image and acceptance.  Awareness is key and in this interactive,…